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CELL: 917-294-8833

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services

Our M&A practice team fully commit themselves to each client with differentiated, value-added advice and a complete and proven method to facilitate smooth and successful acquisitions.

Our advisory services include the following related items without limitation:
• Assist companies in conducting due diligence on the target company
• Work with the buyer's agent in planning the acquisition of suitable enterprises while obtaining the most favorable outcomes and optimizing growth
• Act as the seller to help companies achieve the lowest possible cost of a successful transaction
• Protect our client’s interests in the target company and its shareholders
• Organize the acquisition group and set up work schedules
• Participate in the negotiations and determine the conditions for mergers and acquisitions
• Organize and coordinate accounting firms, law firms, appraisers firms and other intermediaries work related acquisitions
• Assist the party in acquiring the relevant documents

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