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JOB TITLE: Accountant


Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Preparation (50%)


  1. Prepare, examine, analyze, and review the project’s accounting records and journal entries periodically for accuracy and compliance with applicable laws and accounting standards, such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”);


  1. Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements and summarize overall findings in clear, concise, and comprehensive reports for client’s review;


  1. Generate financial reports, including income statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow, revenue reports, and management reports on a periodic basis that summarize the current and projected financial position of managed properties;


  1. Cash management for all project’s operations: review cash balances, prepare cash projections, and calculate available funds for purchasing, payroll, and other overhead expenses;


  1. Process and record accounts payable transactions and ensure that all invoices are paid accurately and in accordance with policies and procedures,Ensure the timely payment of all critical payments;


  1. Maintain proper and complete records of accounting and financial systems, as well as tax and financial records in accordance with professional ethics standards;


  1. Compute sales tax, payroll tax, deductions, and credits, and prepare tax returns, and advise the management about any cost-effective opportunities that arise while tax planning;


  1. Contact our management, staff, and clients regarding any financial miscalculations and errors before making tax calculations and payments to avoid tax audits;


  1. Consult with supervisor to highlight any opportunities that arise in tax planning and make calculated and ethical suggestions and decisions when developing tax strategies;


  1. Communicate with tax agencies, respond to audits, and monitor progress on corrective devise annual tax strategies and recommend improvements on the company’s financial operations with an eye towards minimizing taxes and maximizing profitability;


  1. Exercise professional skepticism in analyzing financial information from all our operations, staff, clients, investor, and suppliers to mitigate or detect errors or fraudulent activity;


  1. Review and implement a systematic method for maintaining business documents, government records, and financial reports


Financial, Budget, and Cost Analysis (30%)


  1. Review journal entries, and other operating costs, including labor and depreciation;


  1. Prepare operation budgets for the company’s various functions under general manager and financial director’s supervise, including personnel, investments, utilities, and others, in consultation with the management team;


  1. Review standard and actual costs for inaccuracies, and update standard costs and make estimates of new and proposed operating costs; report findings to management team;


  1. Report on periodic variances and their causes, focusing on spending variances;


Billing and Payment(10%)


  1. Communicate and respond to inquiries from billing vendors, partners, employees, investor and supervisors. Prepare the payment under supervisor’s request. Make daily collection calls, business to business and business to individual client accounts. Draft and send collection letters to clients.

  2. Monitor and report statuses on company’s general operation account and receivables. Work directly with financial director as necessary on collection matters.


Financial meeting, research, and reports (10%)


  1. Attend monthly meetings with financial director or general manager to discuss all financial activities and report areas that need improvement;


  1. Research and review industry reports, market analysis reports, and competitor data to keep abreast of current industry developments affecting the company’s costs;


  1. Prepare any necessary reports per manager’s request.


JOB SITE AND WAGE: Flushing, NY. Salary: $90,979.00/yr

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Master's degree in Accounting/Business or Finance with 6 months of previous experience as Accountant. Analyzing and research skills, ability of making a good decision, good verbal and writing communications, people skills and good time managements skills.

TO APPLY MAIL RESUME TO: Steven GUO, MANAGER, DGLG Accounting and Tax LLC, 136-40 39th Ave, Suite 202, Flushing, NY 11354

EMPLOYER’S NAME: DGLG Accounting and Tax LLC

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