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JOB TITLE: Financial Analyst


1. Conduct investment industry financial research, especially in New York City area; drafting and modifying financial plans, marketing research reports and other business documents.

2. Provide the U.S. and Chinese market expending strategies and financial analysis results to the clients based on their industry and specific requirement.

3. Provide clients the program of enterprise restructuring and the pre-IPO plan.

4. Evaluate current and historical financial data.

5. Daily monitor and analysis the new regulations, policies, and political and economic trends in the US and China for clients.

6. Examine a company's financial statements to determine its value.

7. Coordinate among sponsors, underwriters, accounting firms, law firms, appraisers’ firms and other intermediary related agencies during client’s IPO process;

8. Assist in prospectus drafting and diligence.

9. Improve company’s financial status by doing cost analysis, analyzing events and products actual results, identifying trends, recommending actions and forecasts to the management.

10. Participate in the negotiations and determine the conditions for mergers and acquisitions.

11. Provide enterprise asset management, liability management, risk management consulting and the best financial structure design for clients.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Master's degree in Business/Business Administration or Finance with 6 months of previous experience as Financial Analysis, Equity investment, Financial Consulting, Investment Analysis. Analyzing and research skills, ability of making a good decision, good verbal and writing communications, people skills and good time managements skills.


TO APPLY MAIL RESUME TO: Steven GUO, MANAGER, DGLG Accounting and Tax LLC, 136-40 39th Ave, Suite 202, Flushing, NY 11354

EMPLOYER’S NAME: DGLG Accounting and Tax LLC

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